Welcome to the website of BOGOS-TRANS Kft.!

 The company has been engaged in the transport of bulk grain nationally and in a smaller extend internationally since its foundation (1991). In 2000 it transformed into the form of limited liability company in the interest of further development. 
    It was due to the accurate and assiduous work in the beginning of the owner as a private entrepreneur then later on of the professional team helping him that the company could preserve its flexibility, precise work and its reliability year by year to the satisfaction of its Employers. 
   Of course changes and surveying and following the requirements of the transportation market are indispensable in the life of a dynamically operating and developing company. We try to survey the needs of our partners and we suggest the most suitable transportation means, type of vehicle and cost-effective solution for them. 
In order to meet the requirements of the end users and customers in every aspect and in accordance with its role in transporting fodder type grains as part of the food supply chain, in 2009 the management of the company decided to apply the GMP B 4.1 quality standards to meet the expectations of the market.

BOGOS-TRANS KFT. moves eighty to one hundred thousand tons of bulk goods per month, which is mainly grain.

  The vehicle fleet of our company consist of 9 pcs of SCANIA type trucks with G410 HIGHLINE in EURO 6, 10 pcs in EEV with G420 HIGHLINE. The average life of our trucks is between 0-5 years. Our vehicles are equipped with a GPS system which provides continuous and fast information of the position and location of the vehicle and the goods to the transport organizer colleagues. Clean and neat appearance is a basic requirement not only for our drivers but also for our trucks; we pay highlighted attention to the cleanliness of our vehicles, we arrive to our Partners with a clean vehicle , cargo bay and tarpaulin. Besides the above we employ subcontractors in the country with stable sole contract for several years helping our work with 100-150 vehicles. 

   Our strategy: The important thing for us is the same as for you that is to have your goods arrive at the right place at the right time, in the right quality and amount. 

   Our long term goal: To become the most recognised grain transport company of Europe.